Lost Ark Tytalos Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Tytalos in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Tytalos Raid

Tytalos is one of the Guardians that players will have to defeat in Lost Ark. It is quite a challenging guardian to defeat in its raid, especially for the uninitiated. Its seemingly unavoidable wipe mechanic can be rather confusing, but with every wipe mechanic, there is a solution.

In this guide, we will look into the Tytalos fight and share some tips and tricks on how to survive its attacks and complete the raid.

How to Unlock Tytalos Guardian Raid

To unlock the Tytalos Guardian Raid, you will first have to unlock the Guardian Raids by just progressing through the main story. Then, you will have to defeat all of the level 1 raid bosses. Finally, reach iLvl 580 to be able to enter the Tytalos raid.

How to beat Tytalos in Lost Ark?

Tytalos Weaknesses

  • Tytalos is weak against fire damage
  • Stagger Skills and Whirlwind Grenades
    • Tytalos can be staggered by stagger skills or Whirlwind Grenades to break its stagger threshold. This is extremely helpful if you find the fight a little bit too busy and you and your teammates need some respite.

Tytalos Wipe Mechanic Strategy

Tytalos’ wipe attack is Annihilation, a charged roar that deals massive damage that can instantly kill anyone within the fighting range. It can be avoided by several different ways.

Tytalos Wipe Mechanic Strategy - Lost Ark

Run to the next area

If you run far away enough from Tytalos as soon as it enters its wipe attack animation, you can avoid getting hit by the roar. Usually, you’ll know you’ve exited the affected area if you see the screen shake for a bit, which means that you’ve crossed the boundary to the next area.

This is not the most effective strategy as it means that you will have to run back at Tytalos, which takes more time and there is a possibility that it will do another wipe attack as soon as you get back into the area.

Take the zipline

This strategy requires kiting Tytalos to fight in the area near the zipline. As soon as it enters its wipe attack animation, just take the zipline and zip away. This also works on areas with ladders or cliffs where you can get to another elevation, though there have been reports that it’s not a 100% reliable way of not getting hit by the roar.

Get petrified

This is the best strategy and how you are meant to survive the wipe attack. Intentionally get petrified by staying inside a sandstorm to get the petrified debuff and become immune to any attacks for 5 seconds. You will have to time it right so that you’re still petrified as Tytalos roars. In case you get the debuff a bit too early, you can use a Panacea to clear the 30-sec. Petrify Immunity and then try to get petrified again.

Tytalos Phases - Lost Ark

Tytalos Phases

Phase 1 Attacks and Patterns

  • Claw Swipe – Tytalos will swipe with its right claw, then spin in the air to swipe again with its left claw. Reposition towards its sides or its back since the claw swipes will only hit the ones in front of him.
  • Charge – Tytalos will crouch and then charge forward to the direction it is facing. Once it crouches, red dust will start appearing on its front paws. Simply sidestep away from its line of sight to avoid getting hit.
  • Front Stomp – Tytalos will rear up on its hind legs and stomp the ground as it goes back down, sending a cone blast in front of it. As soon as it rears, move towards the back of its hind legs.
  • Sand Breath – Tytalos will suck dust around itself and blows out a beam of sand towards the direction it is facing. You can move towards its side or its back to avoid getting hit and land in a couple of hits. The sucking animation will not deal any damage and Tytalos will be on its place during the entire attack.
  • Spot Explosions – Tytalos will stomp the ground multiple times. Simultaneously, rings will appear on the ground that explode on every stomp that Tytalos does. Avoid getting near the circles as they appear. When this attack is happening, it’s best to pause your attacks and concentrate on avoiding them first.
  • Rolling Sands – Tytalos summons rolls of sands around itself. There are two variations: first one has all the rolling sands come from behind rolling towards one direction; the second one has the sands rolling in different directions. For the first variation, simply position yourself on Tytalos’ back as it will be clear from any rolling sands. For the second one, try to stay near Tytalos’ 5 or 7 o’clock as the first rolls will be coming from Tytalos, after which you can reposition towards its back again.
  • Silence – Tytalos will spawn rings that will drop on the ground. If a player gets hit by one, they will get silenced for 5 seconds. There will be a marker on the ground where the ring will land. Immediately stay clear of the marker once it appears.
Phase 2 Attacks and Patterns - Tytalos Guardian Raid Lost Ark

Phase 2 Attacks and Patterns

  • Rock Bombs – Tytalos will glow yellow and a ring with runes will appear on the ground below itself. Another ring on the ground will appear nearby which will spawn floating rocks that chase players. If a player touches it, it will explode after a second. The best way to deal with this attack is to touch the rocks briefly to trigger their explosion and then quickly move away. Touching the rocks will make them stay in place and the time it takes before it explodes is enough to be able to clear its explosion range.
  • Sandstorm – Tytalos will glow red and roar out, summoning two sandstorms in the process. The sandstorms will slowly chase any player near it and inflicts a slow movement debuff once it hits. Getting hit by these sandstorms will give you a slow movement debuff for 4 seconds. Staying longer in a sandstorm will cause you to gain more stacks and prolong the debuff. Once you get 3 stacks, you’ll then be petrified for 4 seconds, after which you will gain a buff that prevents you from getting petrified again within the next 30 seconds. The petrification debuff is going to be useful to avoid getting wiped by Tytalos.
  • Earthquake – Tytalos will glow red and stomps the ground multiple times. The ground will then show ground fissures that get farther out on every stomp. Try to dodge far away as the shockwaves grow wider. This attack can be used as a gauge to tell when Tytalos will be doing its wipe attack. After an earthquake, Tytalos will either do two or three more attacks before doing his wipe attack.
Earthquake - Attacks and Patterns - Tytalos Guardian Raid Lost Ark

Enraged Phase

If a player gets killed during the Annihilation wipe attack, Tytalos will enter a rage state where his attack power and attack speed drastically goes up. A stagger check will then start. You and your teammates will have to stagger him to revert him into his normal state.

Enraged Phase - Attacks and Patterns - Tytalos Guardian Raid Lost Ark

Tytalos Raid Rewards

After defeating Tytalos, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace
  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings
  • Splendid Watcher Earrings
  • Splendid Vanguard Ring
  • Splendid Watcher Ring
  • Destruction Stone Fragments
  • Guardian Stone Fragments
  • Harmony Leapstone
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Tytalos Card
  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Skill Rune

Tytalos Raid Tips

  • Bring the essentials such as HP potions, Whirlwind Grenades, Panacea, and Flares.
  • If Tytalos’ attacks seem to be too strong for you, you can skip it and just re-challenge it after you’ve increased your gear. The only unique reward that you can get from Tytalos is its card (which can also be obtained via chance from card packs), the rest can be farmed elsewhere.
  • As much as possible, challenge Tytalos with friends or guildmates who know the fight’s mechanics.
  • It’s recommended to just go for the sandstorm and get petrified rather than moving far away from the area to save time.
  • Keeping some stacks of the debuff as he is about to do his wipe can be done to quickly get petrified when needed, but keep in mind that your movement speed will be down and you might trigger the petrification too early.
  • Soloing Tytalos is also possible, but it can take a while and you might run out of time if your DPS is not enough.
Tytalos Raid Tips

Lost Ark Tytalos Raid Hotfix

Last week, the Tyatalos raid was having certain game-breaking difficulties that prevented players from taking on the fight and defeating Tyatalos completely.

Devs announced that they were aware of an issue inside the Tytalos Guardian Raid that renders conquering Tytalos in the time limit provided exceedingly difficult for the power level required to participate, resulting in a stumbling block for progression.

As of March 15, 2022, the hotfix was rolled out to sort out the Lost Ark Tytalos Guardian Raid issue.

Fortunately, Amazon and Smilegate have already released an update for Lost Ark that should correct the problem that prohibited tornadoes from generating which resulted in players being unable to shelter from Tytalos’s attacks during the game’s initial release. In addition, the patch fixes a problem that occurred when utilizing a search field with a controller, allows HP potions to be traded, and makes corrections for those pesky daylight savings time shifts. See full details below:

Lost Ark Fix Notes (March 15, 2022 Update)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented tornados from spawning during the Tytalos Guardian Raid, which prevented players from avoiding the high damage attack.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented unbound Uncommon (green) and Rare (blue) HP Potions from being tradeable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when using a search field with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a pop-up from being shown when using the ‘Escape’ option in the Game Menu when the language was set to French.
  • Removed the purchase limitation by item level at the Arkesia Grand Prix exchange so that players can now earn more rewards.
  • Fixed the in game event timers that were off by one hour due to Daylight Savings Time. Players will need to have have DST enabled on their computers for the clock to appear correctly.
  • Europe West daily login rewards will be restarted. They will restart from day one, which means players will be able to re-claim the first 4 days of events (and will not lose previously claimed rewards).

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