Lost Ark Calventus Guardian Raid Guide

A guide on how to defeat Calventus in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Calventus Raid

Calventus is one of the Lost Ark bosses that players can challenge in the Guardian Raids. Calventus is the third Raid Level 3 Guardian and it resembles a dragon that has a power up mechanic which makes it stronger and more agile. By making sure to manage its attacks and patterns increases the chance that you can defeat it.

In this guide, we will look into Calventus’ attack patterns, and share some tips and strategies on how to clear the raid.

How to Unlock Calventus Raid in Lost Ark

How to Unlock Calventus Raid in Lost Ark

To unlock the Calventus Raid, you will first have to unlock the Guardian Raids by just progressing through the main story, then finish the main story in the Yorn Continent to get the appropriate gear. Then, you will have to defeat all of the level 1 and level 2 raid bosses. Finally, reach iLvl 880 to be able to enter the Calventus raid.

How to beat Calventus in Lost Ark?

Calventus is a Guardian with excellent mobility who, with several of his attacks, applies a stacking Armor Debuff to the target. Once you have more than three stacks of this Debuff, it is recommended that you cleanse it.

Cleansing the Armor Debuff can be accomplished with Panacea, Sacred Charm (which must be used by a teammate), or by utilizing the cleansing abilities of the Gunlancer, Paladin, or Soulfist, among other methods.

Calventus Phases

There are two phases to the Calventus Raid in Lost Ark.

Phase 1

Calventus leaps backwards in order to reposition himself in the scene. Although this assault does not cause any harm, be on the lookout for follow-up attacks.

Phase 2

Calventus shifts to Phase 2 around 5 minutes after beginning the combat with this Guardian or after he escapes to a different location.

In Phase 2, after landing from a Backwards Jump, Calventus hangs in mid-air for a few seconds before unleashing five tornado-like bolts of energy from behind him into a cone-shaped region in front of him. When the Tornadoes strike, they knock the player to the ground and apply the Armor Debuff.

Phase 2 alters existing attacks and adds new ones to the Calventus’ arsenal. During Phase 2, you must prevent Calventus from absorbing Dark Orbs from the environment. When Calventus absorbs four of these, he becomes enraged and grows quicker and stronger.

Calventus Raid Mechanics and Attack Patterns

Calventus will summon orbs that slowly float towards it. If Calventus successfully gets four orbs in total, it will enter into an enraged state that enhances its attacks’ damage and shortens the time between the attacks.

Players should concentrate on destroying these orbs as soon as they appear to prevent Calventus from getting enraged. These orbs accumulate, so regardless if it gets its orbs from several attempts of summoning them throughout the game, it will eventually get enraged.

If Calventus is on its enraged state, players should try to stagger it with skills or with Whirlwind Grenades to bring it back to its regular state and reset the orb counter.

Calventus Raid Mechanics and Attack Patterns - Lost Ark

Calventus Attacks

Claw Slam

Calventus will stand up on its hind legs and slam one of its claws down to the ground. It can do this attack from 1 to 3 times, alternating between each claw.

It will move forward towards the same general area so dodge away from its path and make sure to not get caught under it.


Calventus will rear back up a few steps and then charge straight towards the direction it is facing.

Sidestep away from the path of its charge to avoid getting hit. It can glow blue during this attack so prepare to hit it with a counter skill.

Calventus Charge Attack Patterns - Lost Ark

Tail Whip

Calventus will hop, slam its tail, and then whip it towards one side.

Once you see the hop and the tail slam, dodge towards where the tail slam happened to avoid getting hit by the whip.


Calventus will jump backwards while releasing four whirlwinds that move forward in a cone formation.

The whirlwinds can be hard to see at first, so save your dodge and use it as soon as you see one. You can also dodge towards the direction where it is flying to avoid the whirlwinds.

Orb Lob

Calventus will summon an orb on its head and lob it towards the direction it is facing.

Try not to get too far from Calventus as it will be easier to see the orb being summoned than to avoid it as it lands.

Calventus Orb Lob Attack Patterns - Lost Ark

Orb Split

Calventus will summon an orb on the ground some distance away. It will then charge towards this orb and hit it, causing it to split into three. The orb in the middle will fly following through Calventus’ direction, while the other two will fly at an angle towards opposite direction.

Dodge away from the position where you are directly opposite to where Calventus is to avoid getting hit. Try to stay between where the middle and one of the other two orbs will be where it is safe.


Calventus will fly up and dive straight towards a player. Its landing will also release a shockwave in an almost 180-degree cone.

Quickly dodge towards where it was before it flew to avoid the dive and the shockwave.

High Slam

Calventus will teleport up high. A circle marker on the ground will then appear on which Calventus will slam down on after a few seconds.

Once it teleports, pay attention on where the circle will appear. Dodge away from the circle if you are in it.

Calventus High Slam Attack Patterns - Lost Ark

Crippling Rain

Calventus will fly up slowly while a ring of markers will appear on the ground. Rain will start falling down on this ring while another smaller ring of markers will appear which will also be rained on. Getting hit by this rain will inflict a weakness debuff that makes any player take in additional damage. After the rain, Calventus will drop on the ground, creating an AoE shockwave around it.

Once you see that Calventus is flying, head underneath it to avoid the rain. Once the rain in the middle ring has fallen, dodge away from your location immediately to avoid the drop.

Best Items to take to Calventus Guardian Raid

Calventus can make use of some effective battle mechanics to make this Guardian raid really tough. Before taking on this Guardian, you should arm yourself with some of the suggested combat items:

  • HP Potion 
  • Flare
  • Panacea
  • Sacred Charm
  • Whirlwind Grenades

While in battle, you can use Panacea and Sacred Charm to remove the Armor Debuff that Calventus can apply to you while you’re fighting him. To be able to remove this debuff, you must have more than three stacks. This debuff can be be removed by using the Gunlancer, Paladin, or Soulfist abilities. If Calventus is in its furious condition, players should attempt to stun it with skills or with Whirlwind Grenades in order to bring it back to its normal state and reset the orb counter.

Calventus Raid Rewards

After defeating Calventus, you will have the chance to be rewarded with the following:

  • Ephemeral Monarch Necklace
  • Ephemeral Monarch Earrings
  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Earrings
  • Ephemeral Monarch Ring
  • Ephemeral Pulverizer Ring
  • Destruction Stone
  • Guardian Stone
  • Life Leapstone
  • Tier 2 Epic Ability Stone
  • Calventus Card
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Skill Rune
Calventus Raid Rewards

Calventus Raid Tips

  • Bring the essentials like HP potions, Panacea, Whirlwind Grenades, and Flares.
  • Always prioritize destroying the orbs as they appear.

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